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Children Dentistry


Also know as Pediatric Dentistry, Children Dentistry is the specialization in treatment/prevention and overall oral health of children. Regular dental care for children is crucial to their teeth and jaw development. Parents should plan for their child's first visit to the dentist after their first tooth appears and before the child's first birthday.


Even though children do lose their "baby" teeth, or primary teeth, these teeth are essential in helping children chew, bite and speak properly. When primary teeth erupt, they create a path for permanent adult teeth to form and develop.

Importance of Primary Teeth


Primary teeth first start to develop at around 4 months after birth. A child usually finish developing their baby teeth by the age of 3. The teeth last for around a decade and children usually lose them all by age 12 or 13. There's a common misconception that primary teeth are irrelevant to children’s future oral health development. In fact, primary teeth are just as significant as permanent/adult teeth. They are more than just space holders for adult teeth, they actually assist children in many areas of development:

Straighter smiles –  Primary teeth are the foundation to a child’s adult teeth. They hold the appropriate amount of space and pave way for adult teeth. Having a missing or improper alignment of primary teeth will negatively impact how adult teeth erupt. Leaving improper primary teeth untreated leads to a “shift” in a child’s mouth and fills spaces incorrectly. 


Eating and nutrition – Children who experience problems with their baby teeth are the ones who experience dietary deficiencies the most.

Speech development – Having the proper positioning of primary teeth eases syllable pronunciation. It also prevents the tongue from drifting in the mouth during speech development and inflicting with pronunciation.

Self-confidence – Even at a very young age, children can experience social withdrawal based on how they feel about their appearance. Having crooked teeth, bad breath or poor oral health can quickly impact a child. At Ocean Dental Care, we help your child achieve confident smile, thus encourage their positive social interactions with others.

If you have questions or concerns about primary teeth, please contact Ocean Dental Care, Oakville, Ontario office.

Children Dental Examinations and Treatments


  • Oral Health Exams: Examining soft tissues and oral diseases.


  • Early detection and assessment: Providing treatment plans, correcting improper bites, straightening teeth, tooth decay repair, monitoring the proper growth and development of the jaws.


  • Preventive Dental Care Procedures: Include cleaning, scaling, polishing, fluoride treatments, fillings, tooth repair, and adjustments of fractured/dispatched children teeth.


  • Counseling: Discussing healthy lifestyle habits and diet recommendations, promoting proper brushing and flossing methods.


Our dentists at Ocean Dental Care have the necessary training and skills to make your children feel comfortable during a dental visit. A positive first experience with dental care will help your child recognize the importance of maintaining good oral health and encourage them to keep their healthy oral habit for the rest of their life.