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Family Dentistry Services


What Is A Family Dentist?


A Family Dentist can take care of patients of all ages: from toddlers, school age, teenagers to adults and seniors - offering the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all family members. As Family Dentists at Ocean Dental Care - Oakville, we provide all regular dental services from teeth whitening to implants as well as many other dental procedures. We highly recommend everyone to visit a Family Dentist every three to six months for regular dental check ups and cleaning.

Preparing For A Dental Visit


We understand that parents want to prepare their children for their first dental visit in the best way possible. But how can you explain dental visits to them and make them excited for the appointment? Tell them that this is a fun and exciting activity, explain to them the importance of having healthy teeth and smile, but try not to go into too much detail, leave that to the specialized Family Dentist at Ocean Dental Care. Our dentists have their special way to communicate to children and make them feel at ease.


Dentistry has become more sensitive to the needs of patients, especially of our little ones. Children are not born with a fear of the dentist, but their fear may stem from the thought of being separated from a parent during treatment and the "unknown". With countless experience of handling children's needs, we can help them feel relax and happy at the appointment with Ocean Dental Care.

For parents who are reading this, please remember to bring a list of your child’s medication with you to the appointment. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child and establishing a lasting relationship with your family.


What Happens During Your First Dental Visit?


Our highly qualified team of Dentists and Hygienists/ Dental Assistants will ensure that you feel comfortable, answer any of your questions and thoroughly complete the following:


- A Full Examination: The Dentist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth including your teeth, gum, bite, and tooth decay. We'll look out for signs of any dental problems. The earlier the detection, the easier the reversal will be.


- X-Rays: The Dentist will use X-Ray machines that emit no radiation to better assess your dental health. X-Rays help bring to light dental problems that cannot be detected by eyes and help us determine what dental procedures are needed. 


- Thorough Cleaning: A dental hygienist will complete a thorough teeth cleaning using specific tools: brushing, removing built-up plaque, scraping under the gum line, polishing and flossing.  The hygienist will also go over how to properly take care of your teeth or your child’s teeth at home.


- Discussing the Next Steps: The dentist will give you suggestions for the next steps after performing the Dental Exam and reviewing the X-Rays. Next steps could include booking for another dental appointment, begin a treatment plan, referring you to other specialists or as simple as providing you with some tips about what you can do at home to maintain a good oral hygiene. 


Don’t forget to address any of your dental concerns or ask any questions. This is your one-on-one time with a Specialized Family Dentist. At Ocean Dental Care, every question is a good question, we're here for you!