Flossing 101 - Why you're doing it wrong and what the dentists have to say

We all know flossing is important. But not everyone flosses on a daily basis. Most of us just floss when we feel like it, and that's just not enough. To obtain good oral hygiene, not only do you have to floss every single day but you need to know how to do it the right way.

Flossing 101 - Ocean Dental Care Oakville
Flossing - Why you're doing wrong

Some of us think it’s mandatory to floss while others think that it’s optional and they can do it when they have time or feel like it. But the truth is, flossing is not a joke as studies and dentists have gone a long way to prove that brushing alone is not enough to maintain good oral health over time – flossing should and needs to be a part of our daily oral hygiene routine.

Just to shed some light on the importance of flossing, our dentists at Ocean Dental Care in Oakville have listed a few of the benefits associated with flossing below:

  • Flossing helps clear food debris

  • Flossing helps clear plaque

  • Flossing helps prevent periodontal diseases

  • Flossing helps prevent tooth decay

  • Flossing helps prevent bad breath

Why brushing alone is NOT enough?

Brushing twice everyday is not enough because a regular toothbrush does not reach and get into the spaces in between our teeth, causing plaque to build up and may lead to many dental issues and complications down the road.

Allowing the plaque to build up will only make it harder to clean over time and they may turn into calculus or tartar. Dr. Ali at Ocean Dental Care in Oakville recommends the following 3 simple and easy steps to flossing:

  1. Floss first to remove the food particles

  2. Brush second to remove all the bacteria and bad breath

  3. Floss again to really achieve a great result

And there you have it; you have officially completed our Flossing 101 mini course! Enjoy a healthy oral hygiene and don’t forget to book your teeth cleaning and regular exam check-ups at least every 6 month because even with proper brushing and flossing, plaque can be really hard to remove in some certain areas of the mouth that is not easily accessible.

Flossing 101 - Ocean Dental Care Oakville
Don't forget to book your biannual Teeth Cleaning appointment at Ocean Dental Care Oakville for the best results!

At Ocean Dental Care in Oakville, not only do we strive to provide excellent service and outstanding experience to all of our Clients, we also believe in the importance of educating our patients on the best oral care practices! Follow our blog to be better informed everyday!

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