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Sleep Dentistry


Do you have anxiety when you think of the dentist? Does the thought of going to a dental appointment make you nervous and uneasy? Make you constantly delay booking a visit? Or worse, make you scared of all dental procedures?


You are not alone. There are many people who share this phobia. It is very normal to feel this way and it’s our job at Ocean Dental Care to take away this fear and make you feel as comfortable as possible!

We offer Sedation Dentistry service at Ocean Dental Care in Oakville, Ontario. For almost every dental procedure, sedation dentistry can be used. Sedation can be used for invasive procedures or even a simple teeth cleaning procedure depending on your level of anxiety. Our aim is to ensure our patients feel relaxed and at ease at all time during any treatment.  

Levels of Sedation:


The levels of sedation may range from the use of “Nitrous Oxide” (a relaxing/laughing gas that relaxes you during treatments to Oral Sedatives (Oral prescription taken prior to the dental procedure that helps relax muscles and reduces anxiety) to Intravenous Sedatives (Put you completely to sleep). When you're fully awake, we will have completed all the necessary dental work. 

Minimal Sedation: Patients are awake but in a very relaxed mood during the procedure.

Moderate Sedation: Patients are conscious during the procedure but not fully. 

Deep Sedation: Patients are less conscious during the procedure but are still considered awake.

General Anesthesia: Patients are fully put to sleep during the procedure.

Any option that we offer makes your dental visit a breeze. Fear and anxiety are no longer a concern when it comes to taking care of your dental health. Reserve a Free Consultation with us today to determine the details for your Sleep Dentistry treatment plan!