Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a white pearl smile. However, lifestyle, diet and aging can change the colour of your teeth gradually and make them look yellow-ish, which may negatively affect your confidence.


Teeth Whitening is a procedure carried out at our Ocean Dental Care office to help remove stains and discolouration and make your teeth white again. It’s considered one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures and is widely trusted and loved by millions.

Preparation for Teeth Whitening


As with any other dental procedure, first our dentist will check your oral health and take detailed pictures of your teeth. This enables the dentist, prior to performing the Teeth Whitening procedure, to identify any problems that require attention, such as cavities, and address those problems first in order to achieve optimal results after whitening procedure.


After the dental check-up, our dental hygienists will perform a detailed cleaning procedure. The hygienist will remove plaque buildup, food particles, and bacteria to prepare you for the whitening procedure.


Teeth Whitening is undoubtedly a fantastic confidence-booster. Our clients smile more, laugh more and feel happier because their teeth is perfectly white and healthy. We have done countless of Teeth Whitening procedures for our clients at Ocean Dental clinic and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We can't wait to bring that joy and confidence to you too!